Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Vanilla Yoghurt Plum Cake with Chocolate Chips

I personally ate the last bit of the Ricotta and Chocolate Cheesecake so I felt like I had to fill the void by making a new cake.

For this treat you’ll need:
·  40g of Margarine
·  280g of self-raising flour
·  80ml of Vegetable oil
·  Half a teaspoon of salt
·  2 eggs
·  400ml of Vanilla yoghurt (I have used Vanilla and Chocolate yoghurt)
·  130gr of powder sugar

How to make it:

Mix the sugar, yoghurt, oil, eggs, salt and the melted margarine in a bowl with a whisk. Gradually add the flour until you have a very sticky dough.

Now, technically you are supposed to let the dough sit for 1 hour and a half in the oven at 50°C so that the dough get thicker and less sticky. I did it for 1 hour and then I baked the cake for 40 minutes at 200°C and it’s delicious.

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