Sunday, 12 April 2015

Weekend Obsession // Brunch Menu Idea

Chicken and Waffle with Maple Sirup 
Quiche with Cherry Tomatoes and Basil 
Onion and Goat Cheese Quiche 
Zucchini Muffin
Fruit Salad
Pineapple up-side-down Cake
Orange Juice
(50%Prosecco 50% Sparkling Water, Fresh Lemon)

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Ginger Infused Veggie Rice Perfect for Hangover and Starvation

When you are starving, lazy, hangover and you are also broke, Rice will save you.

Ingredients for one lonely soul:

1 cup if rice
1 carrot
1 onion
frozen peas
extra virgin olive oil
fresh ginger
1 egg
4 cups of water

First thing to do is to slice some fresh ginger and put it in a pot with some water and bring it to boil to make the infusion.

Chop a small onion and a carrot, grate some fresh ginger and some frozen peas in a pot with some extra virgin olive oil and stir fry. add a cup of rice and let it toast.

Add 2 cups of ginger infusion, add salt and as soon and it starts boiling cover with a lid and let it cook for about 12 minutes.

Once the rice has absorbed the infusion and it is cooked, turn off the stove and crack an egg into the rice and stir energetically.

Serve the rice with a cup of fresh ginger and lime infusion

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Color-Blocking Asian-Inspired Noodle

My mouth is craving edgy flavors and my brain needs to visualize happy colors on my plate. This is the story behind the noodle dish.

In a frying pan, put some oil. When it is hot, throw a sliced onion and a sliced carrot (i have used the potato peeler) and grate some fresh ginger. The veggies need to cook but stay crunchy. Add some fresh tomatoes, pour some soy sauce to taste and add some honey. In the meatime cook the noodle in salted boiling water according to the instruction in the package.

Sauté the noodle with the sauce for a minute. 

To garnish add fresh chives or spring onion and fresh cucumber  for that extra crunch and sprinkle some sesame seeds. 

Lunch Box Idea: Crunchy Healthy Salad / Fuck Ticket Restaurant

Eating in the office could be extremely depressive, especially if you are stuck inside the building's premises because your office is in the middle of nowhere, you don't have a car and you only have 1 hour break anyway... Eating outside is also too expensive to do it regularly, could be heavy to digest and ticket restaurant are bullshit. Let's face it, what the hell can you buy with 5,29 euro worth of ticket restaurant for lunch??  not to mention that you have to go on a scavenger hunt to find where they even accept those stupid pieces of paper. I personally buy fresh food at the farmer's market and get the rest of the grocery at the local supermarket where of course they don't accept tickets restaurants for almost everything that I need except beer. I guess beer is more necessary than coffee, oil and maxi pad....according to the stupid team behind ticket restaurant. Here is a great lunch box idea that will let you forget about those stupid ticket restaurants and will make you happy. 

Ingredients for the Crunchy Salad:

Cherry Tomatoes
Fresh Fennel
Cooked Soy Beans
Canned Tuna

Dressing: Soy Sauce, extra virgin olive oil and sesame seeds

Dessert: Banana and Strawberries with a squeeze of a lemon 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

How to survive without a Ramen bar in the surroundings: DIY Ramen

I am going through a ramen addiction phase so i had to come up with some sort of solution in order to satisfy my craving.

Here is how I did it.

Take a cutting board and start chopping a lot of veggies, starting with:

  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Onion 
  • Garlic 
  • Fresh ginger 
  • Champignon mushroom 
  • Corn 
  • Chards or Pak Choi
Add all of them into a big pot with some vegetable oil and turn on the stove on medium heat and stir frequently.

Add enough vegetable stock to cover all the vegetables and more.

Add soya sprouts and some soya sauce to taste.

Cover the pot with a lid and let it cook on low heat for 20 minutes.

Boil at least 1 egg per serving and chop some spring onions to add on top before serving.

When the soup is ready, throw in the noodles which should cool in just 3 minutes.

To serve pick a good size bowl, add the noodles, the vegetables and cover with the broth and add a hard-boiled egg on top and sprinkle some spring onion.