Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Penne with Grilled Red Pepper, Cherry Tomatoes and a sprinkle of Buffalo Ricotta

I love grilled vegetables. It is definitely the most awesome way to cook vegetable. They keep all the flavors, they became perfectly tender and they absorb every extra flavor that you can possibly add. I normally grilled vegetable as a side dish for fish and meat but today I tried something new. I made pasta with grilled vegetables and it turned out to be super mega tasty.

For 2 people you’ll need:
·   1 red pepper
·  Cherry tomatoes
·  1 clove of garlic
·  Salt and extra virgin olive oil
·  Fresh Basil
·  170 g of penne

How to do it:

Preheat the hoven at 180°C
Quarter the red pepper and place it skin-side-down in a baking tray that is dip enough to collect the juice of the vegetable with the cherry tomatoes. Season the vegetable with some chopped garlic, Olive Oil and Salt and bake it for 30/40 minutes.

When the Pepper and the Tomatoes are roasted you can cook the penne in salty boiling water. In the same pot that you have used to cook the pasta, pour the vegetable with their juice and let the pasta soak every drop of the vegetable juice. Serve it with crumble of Buffalo Ricotta and fresh Basil


  1. sti cazzi olly.. quando me le prepari??

  2. ma quando vuoi caro mio. sono facilissime