Thursday, 1 December 2011

Tagliatelle with Prosciutto and Cream of Parmesan

The trick here is to make a cream of Parmesan and not a double cream sauce! you'll be surprise of the small amount of cream you need to make a creamy and tasty sauce.

For 2 people you’ll need:
·      Half of a small onion
·      Extra virgin olive oil
·      5 g of butter
·      Prosciutto di Parma cut into stripes
·      50 ml of double cream
·      50 g of Parmesan
·      Fresh parsley
In a frying pan add some extra virgin olive oil, the butter and the finely diced onion. Cook them until they look transparent. When the onion are done you can put the Tagliatelle into a pot with salted boiling water.
Add the prosciutto into the frying pan and cook it for 3 minutes. Add the grated Parmesan to the frying pan and pour the double cream over and some fresh parsley. Cook it for 2 minutes and then remove it from heat, otherwise it will dry. Once the Tagliatelle are cooked, add them to the saucepan and stirred until the sauce is perfectly uniform. Make sure you keep some of the pasta water in case the sauce dries!.
 Sprinkle some fresh parsley on top when serving.


  1. Your recipes are delicious. I too am brushing up on my cooking skills, I love Italian cuisine.

  2. Thanks Marshall! In my ideal world i would use your written application as my cover letter! just a curiosity...How did you find my blog?