Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday Obsession: Poached eggs on toast / how to make an egg look like a mozzarella

Going out for brunch during the weekend an ordering an overpriced poached egg just because it looks  like a miracle of gastronomy,  is something that i also do on a regular basis untill i discovered this morning that making poached egg is mega easy and also crazy cheap.

The process of making poached eggs might seem like a chemistry experiment but it is actually quite fun and rewarding at the end.

First of all take a deep pot, like the one you would use for making pasta and fill it with water. Put it in a stove and let it simmer till it reaches a temperature of 75 °C 85 °C. basically you want the water hot but not boiling otherwise the yoks will cook too fast.
Once you reach the temperature, splash some white wine vinegar into the water and a teaspoon of salt per liter of water. The vinegar help the coagulation of the egg whites.....i have been told :-)

Crack an egg into a small ball, making sure that the yoks doesn't break. create a whirpool of water with a straning spoon and pour the egg into the vortex. at this point i suggest to remove the pot from the heat and wait 2 minutes. The egg white will coagulate and the yok will remain runny.
After 2 minutes you can collect the poached egg and trim the excessive egg white part and dry the egg.

To serve the poached egg i have sliced some mushrooms, oil a pan with some garlic and sauted them.
Toast a slice of white bread and rub the cut edge of a garlic clove on the surface of the toast.
Place the mushrooms on top of the bread and then put the poached egg. Drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil and grind some black pepper.

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