Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Ultimate Guide to Mumbai Kitchen

After over a month of inactivity I have some good and some bad news. The good new is that I recently moved to Mumbai where I am working for Exito Gourmet, which is a cheese factory that produces italian fresh cheeses like mozzarella, ricotta, scamorza, sour cream, quark here in India, precisely in Chandigarh. I am the Business Development and Sales Manager for the Mumbai area which means that I get to the best reaturant in town, talk with the chefs about our products, do some product testing in their fabulous kitchen, which also means eating for free.....and eventually sign a contract with them. Practically the best job if it wasn't for the crazy traffic and pollution of this city plus the misery on the street of a less developed country. Anyway....the bad news is that my apartment does not have a kitchen....It's like I am leaving in a very cute hotel room with a miniature fridge. After the first discomfort of trying to adapt my food habit without a kitchen in a country where street food most of the time means  diarrhoea, I now decided to convert my blog into the " Ultimate Guide to Mumbai Kitchen". I will review what I eat here in India and the amazing restaurant where I get to go for work. Hopefully you'll find it entertaining.